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In New York, Lawyers/Attorneys are officers of the court.  The State Court in New York is the Unified Court System.  The Office of Court Administration is in charge of Attorney Registrations.  The Unified Court System has a searchable website on which you can search for a Lawyer in New York.

attorney Lookup New York


You can search for an Attorney by name.  The New York Attorney Lookup system is a great way to make sure that the person that you are dealing with is actually an Attorney who is licensed in New York.  Upon inputting the Attorney’s name into the required search fields, you will be able to search for the Lawyer’s registration number, the Attorney’s registration status, and the year the Lawyer was admitted to practice law in the State of New York.  You can find the contact information for Lawyers throughout New York State using the New York State Attorney Directory.  This includes Lawyers in NYC.

attorney Lookup New York



The New York Attorney Search Website warns that if you can not find the Lawyer that you are searching for, you should try to search again using a different spelling of the name.  The Lawyer search system seems to be a very exact search engine.  People may also use nicknames.  However, the database used on the New York Attorney Search site corresponds to Court records which may have more formal names and/or variants.  Such being the case, make sure you are not searching for a nickname and that you have the exact spelling of the name of the Lawyer you are searching for.  To search Attorneys, make sure that you have all the information you know about the attorney ready to input into the attorney search fields.  Google, Yahoo, & Bing are also very helpful if you are looking to get information which may assist you in obtaining proper spellings and information regarding a particular attorney.

If you still have problems, you should contact the New York State Office of Court Administration’s Attorney Registration Unit.  They can be reached at 212-428-2800 or by email at


Example #1: My wife and I are getting a divorce.  Someone referred me to a divorce lawyer in NY.  I was told he was one of the best lawyers in NY.  I personally have no experience with divorce lawyers in NY.  I have never worked with a divorce law firm.  It is important to me that I work with a Divorce Lawyer in NYC.  Can I use the Attorney Lookup New York Site/New York State Attorney Directory to find out more information to assist me in my Attorney Search?

You can use the New York State Attorney Directory to find NY Attorney registration information.  However, it will not tell you whether the lawyer is the best divorce attorney NY has to offer.

Example #2:  I told my friend I need the best criminal attorney he knows.  He knows many criminal defense attorneys.  He works at a criminal defense law firm.  There are so many criminal lawyers in New York City.  Many have approached me in the Courthouse.

It will not tell you whether the person is the best criminal attorney NY has to offer.  In fact, it will not even tell you if the lawyer is a DUI attorney, a divorce attorney or even a personal injury attorney.  It will tell you nothing about practice areas.  So if you want to find a New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer, you will have to find out if that person practices in that area.  Then you can check the New York State Attorney Directory to ensure that the Lawyer is actually admitted to practice in the State of New York, confirm his or her contact information and confirm that he or she is properly registered with the State to practice Law.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is not in any way affiliated with the Courts of any State.  This information is provided to assist people searching for an Attorney or information about someone who they have had dealings with who may be holding his or her self out as a Lawyer.  This site is not an endorsement of any person or entity nor is it intended to provide legal advice.




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To lookup attorneys in New York, click the magnifying glass on the top left and enter the name you are looking for.  The above data is provided to the public by the State of New York and is republished herein as a courtesy.  It is not as up to date as the information contained on the New York State Attorney Directory Website. No representations are made as to the accuracy of the information. It is furnished through OPEN NEW YORK.


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