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Baltimore City Central Booking Phone Number



Baltimore City Correctional Center 410-545-8122


Use the above numbers for the of location of offenders currently in detention in Baltimore.

Use the above numbers for the of status of offenders currently in detention in Baltimore.

Use the above numbers for the of identification number of offenders currently in detention in Baltimore.

Baltimore Central Booking Inmate Locator

Baltimore Pretrial Services and Baltimore Central Booking has an online inmate locator in which you can find information about someone arrested in Baltimore.

Baltimore inmate locator for the Baltimore Inmate Locator

*This locator may not list detainees who have been arrested but are still in Division of Pretrial and Detention Services facilities.


According to the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS), “Everyone arrested in the City of Baltimore, or arrested on a warrant from the City, comes through the DPSCS’ detention facilities. The institutions include the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center, the Baltimore City Detention Center and the Pretrial Release Services Program.”


BALTIMORE Offender Information
For location, identification number and status of offenders currently in detention please contact the Customer Service office at 410-545-8120, 410-545-8121 or 410-545-8128.


300 E Madison St, Baltimore, MD 21202

CLICK HERE for Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center WEBPAGE



Baltimore City has a page with resources for family members of offenders.  CLICK HERE to get more information for family members of people arrested in Baltimore 

Locate Inmate in Maryland State Prisons & State Prison Information

CLICK HERE FOR the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) Inmate Locator Search Site




Baltimore Riot Arrest Information


We have been contacted by individuals concerned for people who may have been arrested in Baltimore in connection with the demonstrations and riots which have taken place in Baltimore.  This page attempts to provide some information to those who are looking for persons who may have been detained in connection with the events is Baltimore.

 BREAKING NEWS – Baltimore Riots

A curfew has been put into effect in Baltimore City in connection with the riots which are taking place.

Finding Persons Arrested In Baltimore

If you are looking for information regarding what happens when someone is arrested in Baltimore, we have information on our Baltimore Arrest Information Page.  CLICK HERE to go to go to our Maryland Arrest information Page.

Baltimore Police Department Press Releases

The quickest way outside of the news media to get information regarding the Boston Police Department in connection with recent protests and riots is the Social Media Section of the the Boston Police Department Webpage.


Press & Media Accounts of the Baltimore Riots

Boston Globe Live Updates regarding Riots

Unrest in Baltimore on CNN

 National Guard activated in Baltimore in connection with unrest – Baltimore Sun

Mandatory Curfew in Baltimore due to unrest – Baltimore Sun

Mapping Clashes with Police in Baltimore – New York Times

Police Protesters Clash after Freddie Gray Funeral – Huffington Post

Information About The Freddie Gray Case In Baltimore

Baltimore Sun coverage of Freddie Gray Case

Who was Freddie Gray?

Freddy Gray was a resident of Maryland.  He was 25 years old.

What Happened to Freddie Gray?

Freddie Gray died on April 19, 2015.  His death took place a week after he was arrested by the Baltimore Police Department. Freddy Gray was injured in connection with that arrest.  A video later surfaced of the incident.  A woman is heard in the video, which was filmed at the Gilmore Houses, stating that his “leg [looked] broke.”  Police dragged Mr. Gray to a car.  His legs never moved forward and he seemed unable to propel himself.  His family attorney, William Murphy, Jr. made a statement that the spine of Freddie Gray was 80% severed. The Baltimore Police Department acknowledged mistakes were made in connection with the arrest of Freddie Gray.   Mr. Gray was buried on April 27, 2015.  Riots broke out in Baltimore on the same day.  According to the New York Times, Freddy Gray has become a symbol of Police Brutality.

When did all of this happen to Freddie Gray?

The Baltimore Sun has a timeline of the events which took place in connection with the arrest and death of Freddie Gray.

The Department of Justice is Investigating the Arrest and Death of Freddie Gray

Social Media Accounts of Freddie Gray case


Attorney Lookup – New York




In New York, Lawyers/Attorneys are officers of the court.  The State Court in New York is the Unified Court System.  The Office of Court Administration is in charge of Attorney Registrations.  The Unified Court System has a searchable website on which you can search for a Lawyer in New York.

attorney Lookup New York


You can search for an Attorney by name.  The New York Attorney Lookup system is a great way to make sure that the person that you are dealing with is actually an Attorney who is licensed in New York.  Upon inputting the Attorney’s name into the required search fields, you will be able to search for the Lawyer’s registration number, the Attorney’s registration status, and the year the Lawyer was admitted to practice law in the State of New York.  You can find the contact information for Lawyers throughout New York State using the New York State Attorney Directory.  This includes Lawyers in NYC.

attorney Lookup New York



The New York Attorney Search Website warns that if you can not find the Lawyer that you are searching for, you should try to search again using a different spelling of the name.  The Lawyer search system seems to be a very exact search engine.  People may also use nicknames.  However, the database used on the New York Attorney Search site corresponds to Court records which may have more formal names and/or variants.  Such being the case, make sure you are not searching for a nickname and that you have the exact spelling of the name of the Lawyer you are searching for.  To search Attorneys, make sure that you have all the information you know about the attorney ready to input into the attorney search fields.  Google, Yahoo, & Bing are also very helpful if you are looking to get information which may assist you in obtaining proper spellings and information regarding a particular attorney.

If you still have problems, you should contact the New York State Office of Court Administration’s Attorney Registration Unit.  They can be reached at 212-428-2800 or by email at


Example #1: My wife and I are getting a divorce.  Someone referred me to a divorce lawyer in NY.  I was told he was one of the best lawyers in NY.  I personally have no experience with divorce lawyers in NY.  I have never worked with a divorce law firm.  It is important to me that I work with a Divorce Lawyer in NYC.  Can I use the Attorney Lookup New York Site/New York State Attorney Directory to find out more information to assist me in my Attorney Search?

You can use the New York State Attorney Directory to find NY Attorney registration information.  However, it will not tell you whether the lawyer is the best divorce attorney NY has to offer.

Example #2:  I told my friend I need the best criminal attorney he knows.  He knows many criminal defense attorneys.  He works at a criminal defense law firm.  There are so many criminal lawyers in New York City.  Many have approached me in the Courthouse.

It will not tell you whether the person is the best criminal attorney NY has to offer.  In fact, it will not even tell you if the lawyer is a DUI attorney, a divorce attorney or even a personal injury attorney.  It will tell you nothing about practice areas.  So if you want to find a New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer, you will have to find out if that person practices in that area.  Then you can check the New York State Attorney Directory to ensure that the Lawyer is actually admitted to practice in the State of New York, confirm his or her contact information and confirm that he or she is properly registered with the State to practice Law.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is not in any way affiliated with the Courts of any State.  This information is provided to assist people searching for an Attorney or information about someone who they have had dealings with who may be holding his or her self out as a Lawyer.  This site is not an endorsement of any person or entity nor is it intended to provide legal advice.




See Also

New York State Judicial Directory: Search for information about New York State Judges


To lookup attorneys in New York, click the magnifying glass on the top left and enter the name you are looking for.  The above data is provided to the public by the State of New York and is republished herein as a courtesy.  It is not as up to date as the information contained on the New York State Attorney Directory Website. No representations are made as to the accuracy of the information. It is furnished through OPEN NEW YORK.






If the police have contacted you and informed you that you are going to be arrested, there are two ways you can react.  You can get upset or you can consider yourself fortunate.  The truth is, most people don’t leave their homes thinking they will be arrested at some point during the day.  Having that information beforehand can be very helpful.  While getting arrested sucks, knowing you are going to get arrested is better than not knowing.  You can plan in ways that most people who are arrested can not.  Below are five tips that can be helpful given the cards that you have been dealt.



One of the worst parts of being put in jail is the fact that you will go MIA.  Many people will not know where you are.  If you are arrested without warning, you can spend at least a day or two in jail without warning.  If you know beforehand, you can work on getting your affairs in order.  Call your job and let them know you will be out or away.  Arrange for child care.  Arrange for your car to be put somewhere safe.  Pay any bills or other items that may be due during that time.  Basically, you should schedule your affairs in advance as if you are going on a short vacation.  Often, when people are arrested, they will be released pending trial or on bail.  If you will need to get bailed out, start calling people and making arrangements for bail.  In many jurisdictions, making bail arrangements prior to an arraignment can lead to your being released quicker.  Also try to get your inmate booking number and give it to your family and friends so that they can find out when you will be going to court.  It is also helpful to get the telephone number to the court, police department, and/or booking facility to your family and/or friends.  This will save time that will otherwise be spent on inmate search engines and looking for central booking sites for the number to a central booking facility.



If you have been charged with a crime and a Police Officer informs you that you have to surrender yourself, the last thing you are going to be worried about is eating.  In fact, most people will lose their appetites.  This is a serious mistake.  Just like the people that push the propaganda about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the meal you eat prior to getting arrested will often be quite important.  In some cases, you may not have access to food after being arrested for quite some time.  In other situations, you may get access to something that others are calling food, but that you would rather not eat.  Either way, what you eat before arrest will have a great impact on your jail experience for the first couple of hours or even the first day or two.  Avoid spicy foods and/or foods that do not agree with you.  If you are getting arrested, it is not the time to go eat spicy Indian food or Mexican food, especially if those items do not agree with you.  You know what is worse than having your stomach turning in knots?  Having to sit on the toilet with 10 or 20 strangers in an open room while they become increasingly angry about your inability to stop your meal from revisiting you in a holding cell.



You can not assume you will have access to a phone.  While you may wish to avoid people, sometimes, when you have been arrested, there is a pay phone in a cell.  In such cases, it is helpful to have a phone card that allows you to call a 1800 number instead of using coins.  Do not assume that there will be a phone.  Do not assume that if there is a phone, you will be able to use quarters or other change.  Often, the phone is full or broken.  Your best way of possibly being able to make calls is to bring some change like a roll of quarters (which may be taken from you) and a prepaid phone card.  Also be aware that you may be put under duress because you have a phone card and people may ask you to use it.  This can be very uncomfortable and in some cases dangerous.  Getting a couple in small denominations is helpful.



This is where knowing you are getting arrested before it happens can really be useful.  You may have to sit in your clothing for several days.  You also don’t know what you are going to encounter as far as temperature and conditions.  You may find yourself in a freezing room in the summer or in a hot room in the winter.  You may have to sleep on a floor or hard bench, or spending long periods of time sitting or laying on either.  You may want to dress in layers.  A top shirt or layer may double as a pillow or ground cloth.  Make sure your shoes are comfortable.  Also make sure that you look as nice as you can.  After all, at some point you will see a Judge who does not know you and will be making serious decisions about your life and freedom.  You may want to look the best you can.  You will also want to balance that with the fact that you may not see that Judge for a day or two and you will be in the same clothes.


Jail is not the time to wear your fancy watch or to show off.  Often, the police will take your stuff for safe keeping.  If you do have a situation where they take items from you, try to make sure they are vouchered and that you get a receipt.  However, the best advice is, leave your valuables at home.



If it is possible and you can afford one, you should hire an attorney before speaking to the police.  You have the right to remain silent.  It is not just a right, it is a really good idea.  Despite your inner voice telling you that you have nothing to hide, you should not speak to anyone unless you have an attorney present.  Speak to friends and family and ask for referrals for an attorney.  Attorneys who work on other types of matters for you are also a great source of referrals for a criminal attorney.  Just because your lawyer is a family lawyer, divorce attorney, immigration lawyer or personal injury lawyer does not mean that he or she does not know a good criminal lawyer!  Call people you trust and have them help you find an attorney.