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Are you looking for someone arrested in Suffolk County?

Suffolk County is a big place.  If you are trying to find a person who was arrested in Suffolk, you may want to call the police station nearest to where in Suffolk County the person was arrested.  When a person is arrested in Suffolk County, they are taken to one of the following places:

  • A Suffolk County Police Precinct
  • A Village Police Department
  • An East End Town Police Department

Even if someone is arrested by a Village Police Department, that person will usually be taken to the Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD) for additional processing.

Click Here for a list of Police precincts in Suffolk County (SCPD Addresses).

Click Here for a list of phone numbers to SCPD Precincts.

Click here for a list of Criminal Courthouses in Suffolk County and to find the address of a Court in Suffolk.

In New York City, people who arrested go from the Police Station to Central Booking. In Suffolk County, there is no Central Booking. However, the person should still be arraigned at the Courthouse within 24 hours of arrest.  However, unlike New York City, where there can be a huge backlog of people being processed, a Suffolk County defendant can be processed and arraigned pretty quickly, many times in the same day and within hours.  Unlike arraignments in New York City, which go from the morning until 1am, arraignments in Nassau and Suffolk go until 5pm.  A person arrested is arraigned in the District Court Arraignment part.

What is an Arraignment?
An arraignment is when someone who has been arrested sees a Judge to enter a plea. At the arraignment the Court will also set a bail. In some cases, no bail is set. In Suffolk County, after someone is arrested, that person is often interviewed by the Department of Probation. The Suffolk County Department of Probation will then make a recommendation regarding the need for a bail to the Court based upon the interview with the person arrested. The person’s lawyer will make what is called a bail argument.  Please note that sometimes in Suffolk County, people are arraigned without an attorney representing them.

In Suffolk County, the District Court Arraignments take place seven days a week in Courtroom D-11. Each day, arraignments in Suffolk County start at 9:30.

Looking for Court Information?
Suffolk County District Court has a recorded information phone number.  The Suffolk County Court Number is a good starting point for finding information relating to a Suffolk County Criminal Case or Suffolk County Arraignment.  The number is 631-853-7500.

Click Here for Suffolk County Criminal Court FAQ Page (Unified Court System)

Click Here for Information on vacating a warrant in Suffolk County (Unified Court System)

Additional Information:

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office has a great resource page for people who want to learn more about the criminal arrest, booking, arraignment, and indictment processes in Suffolk County.  CLICK HERE to go to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s website/webpage on criminal justice procedures.

CLICK HERE to find People Wanted in Suffolk County (Suffolk County’s Most Wanted)

Arrest of Non-Citizens-Arrest of Immigrants in Suffolk County

Below is a link to Suffolk County Police Department communications regarding the arrest of non U.S. Citizens and persons with dual citizenship.

CLICK HERE for the Suffolk County Police Department Policy on the arrest of Non-citizens/arrest of immigrants in Suffolk County.

Address of Suffolk County District Court:

First District Court, Suffolk County

400 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip, N.Y.

Criminal Arraignments: Courtroom D-11

Suffolk County Police Department Numbers

SCPD General Phone Numbers
1st Precinct 555 Route 109, West Babylon854-8100
2nd Precinct 1071 Park Ave, Huntington854-8200
3rd Precinct 1630 5th Ave, Bay Shore854-8300
4th Precinct 345 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge854-8400
5th Precinct 125 Waverly Ave, Patchogue854-8500
6th Precinct Route 25 / Middle Country Rd, Coram854-8600
7th Precinct 1419 William Floyd Parkway, Shirley852-8700

Suffolk County Jail Information:

CLICK Here for information on Suffolk County Jail from Suffolk County Sheriff (Riverhead Jail)

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