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Are you looking for an Inmate or someone who is currently incarcerated in Westchester New York?  Are you looking for an Inmate or someone who is currently incarcerated in Westchester County? There are several different places that someone who has been arrested and is currently in custody in Westchester could be. The jail that the inmate is housed in will be affected in large part about what agency is holding the inmate.

Locate Inmate in State Prisons and County Jails

Each State/Commonwealth has a system of Prisons. Often, the State Prisons will house inmates with longer sentences, often due to a Felony Conviction. Within each state, the various counties have their own jails for holding people who are on trial, or who are charged and/or convicted of lesser offenses & Misdemeanors. If you can not find an inmate & he or she has an attorney, often the attorney/lawyer is a great resource for locating a prisoner. The County Prison System in Westchester is run by the Westchester County Department of Correction (WCDOC).


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For additional information, contact the Westchester County Department of Correction at (914) 231-1000.


Posting Bail In Westchester County New York

If you are looking for information on posting bail in Westchester County and/or trying to bail an inmate out of jail in Westchester, you should first visit the Westchester County Department of Correction webpage to view information on Bail and Posting Bail in Westchester.

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In general, there are 3 ways to post bail in Westchester County

  1. You Can post bail for an inmate in Westchester In Person
  2. You Can post bail for an inmate in Westchester Over the Phone
  3. You Can post bail for an inmate in Westchester Online

You Can post bail for an inmate in Westchester In Person

Bail can be posted in person 24 hours a day, seven days a week  at the Westchester County Jail, located in Valhalla, New York which is near the Westchester Medical Center.

Directions to Westchester County Jail:

Use the Eastview exit Route 100C off the Sprain Brook Parkway. The address you should use for mapping purposes is: 10 Woods Road, Valhalla, New York.  There is a visitor’s parking lot near Grasslands Road.  You can enter the jail at the entrance gate (Post 1). Inform the officers that you wish to Post Bail. Only one person will be allowed to enter to post bail.

Items You Need To Post Bail In Person at Westchester County Jail:

  • You will need valid government issued ID and your address on the identification must be current and not be a P.O. Box.
  • Cash or a Credit Card(other forms of bail like a bail bond must be done at the court of record.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to post bail in person in Westchester County.

There are some things that you should be aware of when posting Bail in Westchester County:

  • Only United States Currency is accepted (if paying in cash).
  • Credit cards are accepted (VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express), but only for the first twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).  If the bail exceeds $20,000, then case must be posted to cover the remainder of the bail.
  • If you use a credit card, you will be paying through a third party company (GOVPAYEXP) and there are credit card fees charged by that company which will apply to your transaction.
  • The Cardholder (person whose name appears on the Visa, Mastercard &/or American Express Card, must be present at the time of the transaction.
  • The credit card must be presented and must be a valid card.
  • The Cardholder must have valid government issued ID as set forth above.
  • Remember: Bail only applies to the current case in Westchester county.  If the person has other active cases, warrants or holds, posting bail may not result in the person’s release from jail.  There will be a check for such situations by the Department of Corrections.  These situations and some others may delay or prevent an inmate’s release from jail in Westchester County.


Visiting An Inmate in Westchester County Jail

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