How To Find Your Next Court Date In Alameda County

The quickest way to find out your next Court Date is to ask your Lawyer.  Your Lawyer will usually be able to find out your next Court date.  Often, talking to your Lawyer is the quickest way to get information about your case.  It is important to make sure that you keep the lines of communication open with your Lawyer.

If you have Court in Alameda County, you can use the Alameda County Court Calendar to get your next Court date.  The Alameda Court Date Finder can be used to find General Civil, Criminal, Traffic, Family Law, and Probate calendars.

The Alameda County Court website is a good resource for finding other case related information as well.

CLICK HERE to go to the Alameda County Court Date Finder

Summary: If you need to find your next Court Date in Alameda County Courts, you can find your next Court date (within five days) by clicking above.  Otherwise, if you have a lawyer, ask your Lawyer. The following types of Lawyers can be helpful:

  • Alameda Civil Lawyers
  • Alameda Criminal Lawyers
  • Alameda Traffic Lawyers
  • Alameda Family Lawyers
  • Alameda Probate Lawyers

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